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Past Council Members 1972 - 2010
In 1972, the Ward System for electing coucillors was discontinued, all councillors were then elected by the Municipality as a whole. Under the Manitoba Municipal Act, election of the entire council would take place every 3 years.
1972-1974 - Adam Franz
Raymond Sigurdson, Adam Kasupski, Steve Kushnir, Peter Adamik
1974-1977 - Raymond Sigurdson
Ken Anderson, Anton Pasieka, Steve Kushnir, Peter Adamik
1977-1980 - Raymond Sigurdson
Allen Chalmbers, Adam Franz, Luke Zaborosky, Peter Adamik
1980-1983 - Raymond Sigurdson
Patrick Duguid, Adam Franz, Like Zaborosky, Edwin Petroski
1983-1986 - Raymond Sigurdson
Helgi Austman, Patrick Duguid, Edwin Petroski, George Waddel
1986-1989 - Raymond Sigurdson
Patrick Duguid, Johann Johnson, Tony Panteluk, Edwin Petrowski
1989-1992 - Raymond Sigurdson
Kevin Chudd, Johann Johnson, Tony Panteluk, Edwin Petrowski
1992-1995 - Raymond Sigurdson
Kevin Chudd, Lynn Greenberg, Isabel Peterson, Edwin Petrowski
1995-1998 - Kevin Chudd
Terry Cook, Danny Luprypa, Lynn Greenberg, Frank Woods
1998-2002 - Kevin Chudd
Frank Woods, Marylin Johnson, Luke Zaborosky, Danny Luprypa

The two municipalities were amalgamated
Which included a LUD (Local Urban District)
2002 - 2006 - Reeve Kevin Chudd
Lynn Greenberg, Gil Strachan, Luke Zaborosky, Danny Luprypa
LUD councilors - Everett LLoyd, Melanie Specula
The LUD as been phased out
2006-2010 - Tammy Axelsson
Bill Barlow, Brian McKenzie, Glen Brooks, Ross Bailey