Johnson Memorial Hospital

Johnson Memorial Hospital
Johnson Memorial Hospital
The original Johnson Memorial Hospital opened on January 28th, 1939, owned and operated by the Sister of St. Benedict. This forty bed hospital came to be through the bequest of $10,000,00 from Bjorn B. Johnson in 1938, the donation of the land from the Town of Gimli and additional capital from the Roman Catholic Synod, who were responsible for the construction of the facility. The original cost of the facility was $75.000.00.
After 25 years, the old hospital was in need of updating and repairs, which the Sisters of St. Benedict could not afford. A Hospital District Board was set up to explore the possibility of building a new hospital to serve five municipalities. The Gimli Hospital District #39 was setup February 7, 1970.
Addition to the Johnson Memorial Hospital
Johnson Memorial Hospital with Addition
With the results from the referendum held in 1969 (92% majority vote in favor from every area) a sod-turning ceremony was held on April 14, 1970. The old hospital and grounds were bought from the Benendictine Sisters for $100,000.00, and a new one story was built south of the old hospital. Included in the new hospital - 45 beds, an operating room, obstetrical facilities, pediatric and nursing facilities, laboratory and x-ray facilities, emergency and outpatient facilities. The cost of the new addition and renovations of the old hospital totaled $1,365,000.00.
Although the hospital was in use for at least one year, the official opening ceremony was held on May 13, 1972, with D. H. Crofford cutting the ribbon.
As of March 27, 1997 the managment of the facility was signed over to the Interlake Regional Health Authority. This change was effective as of April 1st, 1997.
In August 2002, construction commenced on the Gimli Community Health Centre. This project consisted of a complete redevelopment of the Johnson Memorial Hospital built in 1969 and the addition of 24,000 square feet to house the Community Health Centre, for a total of 50,000 square feet. The original hospital, built in the late 1930's, was demolished and that space is now occupied by a Healing Garden. The total cost of this redevelopment and construction was almost $14 million. The facility integrates community health, ambulatory care, diagnostic services, physician's clinic, inpatient beds and emergency services. Other services provided include palliative care, chemotherapy, physiotherapy/occupational therapy, pharmacy, support services and an Adult Day Program. The project was planned and supported through a multi-stakeholder group of partners representing the community, Interlake Regional Health Authority and the designers. The Grand Opening Ceremonies took place on May 25, 2004 with many local residents in attendance.