Name Bayview Evangelic Free Church
Address 8 Colonization Rd, South Beach
Phone 642-9871
Pastor 642-3444
Sunday Service 9:45 am
Sunday Worship 11:00 am
Name Lakeside Church of God
Address 97 Solvin Rd, Gimli MB
Phone 642-5285
Pastor 642-5538
Sunday Service 9:30 am
Sunday Worship 10:45 am
Bible Study Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm(All)
Bible Study Every Tuesday at 10:00 pm(Ladies)
Name Gimli Lutheran Church
Address 52 Third Ave, Gimli MB
Phone 642-5996
Sunday Worship 11:00 am
Name Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church
Address 5th St. Gimli MB
Rectory 5th St NW, Gimli MB (642-7952)
Contact Father Mark Gnutel
Phone 642-7904
Name St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church
Address 113 Seventh Ave, Gimli MB
Rectory 112 Sixth Ave, Gimli, MB (642-5040)
Phone 642-7910
Name St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church
Address Highway # 222, Camp Morton
Name Holy Names Cottage
Address Provincial Rd 32-4E, Camp Morton, MB
Name Unitarian Church
Address 2nd Ave, Gimli, MB
Notice Services scheduled in the summer