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Jacqueline Goodman and Irene Sam, both members of the Gimli Art Club Inc., were chosen from entries submitted to The Gimli Credit Union, to paint The Bear. They combined their ideas, and in this first photo, are sketching the design using pencil- June 19, 2006
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bear_1a.jpg bear_a1.jpg bear_a2.jpg bear_a3.jpg bear_a4.jpg bear_a5.jpg bear_a6.jpg bear_b1.jpg bear_b2.jpg bear_b3.jpg
bear_b4.jpg bear_b5.jpg bear_b6.jpg bear_b7.jpg bear_b8.jpg bear_b9.jpg bear_b9a.jpg bear_c1.jpg bear_d1.jpg bear_d2.jpg bear_irene.jpg bear_jackie.jpg bear_z.jpg
Gimli, Manitoba Canada